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School Site Council (SSC)   

The SSC is a decision making council for the Consolidated Application program operated at the school to improve student’s achievement through the Single Plan for Student Achievement.


  • Throughout the school year the SSC shall develop, monitor and approve the SPFSA in consultation with all stakeholders, with the review, certification and advice of any applicable school advisory committee (EC 64001).
  • The SSC shall write and develop the Comprehensive School Safety Plan or may delegate this responsibility to a school safety planning committee. Each school district is responsible for the overall development of all comprehensive school safety plans for its schools (EC 32281).
  • The SSC shall receive the necessary training annually to enable it to carry out its responsibilities to develop, monitor, and modify the SPFSA and the budget (EC 64001).
  • The school’s principal has the responsibility for the proper functioning of the SSC.

At the Intermediate level, the council shall be constituted to ensure parity. Half of the membership shall be constituted by: the principal, classroom teachers, and other school personnel (staff side). Classroom teachers are a majority of the staff side. The other half shall be constituted by: half parents and other community members elected by parents. The membership of the Council shall be no fewer than twelve members.